Each adventure has a point of origin and a place where the idea takes shape and grows, a territory in which it feeds itself and absorbs emotions, colours, tastes, and smells. An environment where it acquires knowledge until it ripens and blooms.

A wise dosage

It was from the history and culture of the fertile Venetian land and from our passion for wood that, more than fifty years ago, FloorEver’s adventure began, with the production of floors for quality interiors, carried out respecting nature and man, using timber from forests subjected to controlled management and materials for the finishes that do not harm the environment.

Over time, FloorEver grew in experience and size and each production is now managed with an increasingly skilful balance of technology and craftsmanship, qualities that make the company appreciated both nationally and abroad.

Changing and reviving

But the adventure continues. FloorEver wanted to preserve the charm of the old wood, and then the company began to recover old beams for reuse in restoration and in new projects with an antique flavour.

From there, with the idea of reducing the consumption of raw materials and manufacturing “zero miles” products, the path of FloorEver has become increasingly “green.”

“Opera Veneta” was then born, a project for re-using the “bricole”, oak beams which border the canals of the Venetian lagoon, so as to create precious floor by recovering quality timber that has been made strong and rich in history by water, salt, wind, and dirt and has been made more precious by the work of small parasites, real architects of the wood.

And then, the wood changes shape and lives again.